The Selective

- Community Guidelines –
The Selective is an emerging research group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, focusing on the early identification of quality projects, especially within the rapidly evolving sphere of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
As the success of The Selective relies on the contribution of every individual member to unleash the „power of the hivemind“, an active and constructive discussion is paramount. To ensure that the discussion can foster, it is necessary for every member to follow fundamental guidelines, which are outlined below.
1. No PnD Shitcoins.There are countless telegram channels out there specializing in shilling Pump and Dumps relentlessly. If you are into gambling your hard-earned ETH away, please turn to those channels.
The Selective represents the <1% of telegram channels not engaging in any promotion of shitcoins, which can be positioned in a spectrum from outright scam, to being developed by a shady or unprofessional team.
2. No Baseless Shilling. While it is true that opinions can never be truly objective, we do not tolerate baseless shilling, which is to be understood as trying to create hype inside the channel just to pump the value of tokens someone is invested in.
3. No Links Without ContextIt is forbidden to post links without any context. When posting a link, which is endorsed to enable further research, it is always necessary to provide a short description that summarizes the content.
Dextools and Uniswap links however are only allowed to be posted when requested by another member and should be verified by an admin.
4. No Low Effort Copy-PasteWhen posting information on a token do not simply copy and paste content. Provide a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) and a link for further research.
5. No Shit-postingWe try to reduce the noise of the discussion as much is possible, which gets harder and harder to manage the larger the member base grows. Therefore shit-posting is forbidden, however the occasional joke is welcomed of course.
6. Refrain for asking easily researchable questions / simple questions.This is a massive chat, and the amount of noise will be an issue if people don't do their own research for easily answered questions. Also, this is an advanced crypto group : simple questions should be directed to google or spoke about in DMs. Easily answerable questions include dex links for well-known coins, telegram links for well-known projects, marketcap, token price, etc. If you have trouble finding the answer, feel free to ask, but you should try first.
7. No Disrespectful Or Rude BehaviourDisrespectful or rude posts are forbidden.
8. The Principle Of Quality Over QuantityThe rules above can be condensed to the simple principle of quality over quantity. So before creating a post ensure that the subject, the content, the intention and the style of your post are of acceptable quality. Lets have an open and analytical discussion.